About Gayla Wolf...

"The Honey Bee has been around for a long time, that makes me an old photographer!"


I took my first pictures in beautiful Bishop, Ca. over 30 years ago when I photographed 5 families.  To my amazement and my subject's joy, the work was beautiful and they loved all their portraits.


Bishop was the beginning of a wonderful career, taking family portraits. Over the 30 years. I showed my work at Art shows in  Beverly Hills, Westwood, Encino, Westlake, and on invitation.


My work became fun, loving, creative, well composed, and it was different!


In 1981, I opened a Studio and Gallery in Woodland Hills. The uniqueness of my style, the variety, and the vitality attracted many exciting and discerning people, including, Barbara Walters, Vin Scully, Delta Burke and many other very special people. Over time I gained a fine reputation.


In 1996, I gave it all up, and married my great love, Martin Wolf, and chose the good life. I left my studio, my profession, and moved to Bishop, CA. We biked around the country on a Harley with a side car. Since his passing in 2010, I have returned to my greatest joy, beautiful portraits. Here in Bishop I have a great indoor studio with fabulous drops for those  wanting indoor, classic, or professional looks, and great settings for the outdoor portraits which are my specialty.


The Honey Bee is known for loving Creative and Strong compositions where care is taken to be sure that everyone looks their best and  they say they all had a good time! The variety is exciting and is surely suited to those interested in canvases, wall portraits, and family albums.